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Choose Cost-Efficient Crack Sealing Repair

Professional crack sealing, paired with crack routing, is the most cost-efficient repair method that locally owned Reynolds Asphalt Maintenance offers. Regular crack sealing prevents water from entering the subgrade (the ground under the asphalt) which prevents further damage.

We've been providing quality crack routing and sealing 19 years. Contact us for a FREE estimate.

  • Works well in all weather conditions - wet, cold, or hot

  • Approved, used, and tested by utilities and states

  • Permanently sticks to asphalt, concrete, or steel

  • Patch won't release and prevents milling before paving

  • Prevents excessive cracking

Asphalt repair and protection

Cracks that aren't fixed immediately become serious maintenance issues. Crack routing is your first line of defense. We'll clean the area, open a side wall, and allows for more material, enabling greater asphalt flexibility.


Our team removes debris from the cracks. We use only premium quality products and 3/4-inch-width crack seal materials. These materials meet the DOT specifications for the state of Minnesota.

Stops cracks in their tracks

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